The 19 Best Tea Ceremony Experiences in Kyoto

The Japanese tea ceremony is a very popular cultural experience for travelers visiting Japan. This tradition has its roots in Kyoto, making it the perfect city to experience the tea ceremony for yourself. Today, the three main schools of the Japanese tea ceremony carrying on the tradition are housed in the city. During your stay in Japan’s cultural capital, immerse yourself in Japanese culture through a tea ceremony experience.   Contents1 How to Choose the Best Tea Ceremony Experience For You1.1 Tea Ceremony School1.2 Lesson Style1.2.1 Sitting vs. Standing Tea Ceremony1.2.2 Private vs. Group Tea Ceremony1.2.3 Observation vs. Participation in the Tea Ceremony1.2.4 Kimono Rental1.3 Location2 The Top Tea Ceremony Experiences in Kyoto2.1 1. En Tea Ceremony Experience2.2 2. Enjoy Making Sushi & Matcha (Tea Ceremony)!2.3 3. Tea Ceremony Juan2.4 4. Tea Ceremony in Kimono with Licensed Teacher2.5 5. Tea Ceremony Koto2.6 6. Wagashi Classes: Kiku (Chrysanthemum) from Nerikiri Dough & Tea Ceremony2.7 7. Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya Kyoto2.8 8. Camellia Flower and Camellia Garden2.9 9. Tea Ceremony and Japanese Morning Dishes2.10 10. Mitarashi Dango and Matcha Experience2.11 11. Japanese Culture Precious Wood2.12 12. Tea Ceremony Nagomi2.13 13. Tea Ceremony and Matcha Making at 300-year-old Samurai House2.14 14. Japan Kyosaraku Tea Ceremony2.15 … Continue reading The 19 Best Tea Ceremony Experiences in Kyoto