Cooking School Yuka Mazda-Learn Japanese Homestyle Cooking

Cooking School Yuka Mazda-Learn Japanese Homestyle Cooking

Are you visiting Tokyo any time soon and are looking forward to learning Japanese Homestyle cooking? Have you tried a Japanese cooking class before, but it was too complicated for you to understand much?

If the answer to these questions is a yes, then are at the right place! Cooking School Yuka Mazda is the finest place where you would be able to learn authentic Japanese food in the most easy and convenient place. Yes, that’s right. This class allows a homely feeling which makes sure you are not in test or competition. The mood is light, and all the instructors aim to make sure everyone is comfortable and can learn as much as they can.

Learn professional restaurant menu with us!

We know that the fancy menu available in any Japanese restaurant fancies you a lot. What if we tell you that there is a way through which you can learn all these professional Japanese meals in no time? This is possible with the aid of Cooking School Yuka Mazda.

People who have a strong passion for authentic Japanese food are ready to ace the basic meals and continue to learn the complex restaurant quality items. The class which is taught by trained professionals who have been a part of several workshops and cooking courses to be able to instruct students in the best way possible.




#tbt to our cooking class in #tokyo. Thank you Yuka for a wonderful time! Can’t wait to go back and do another class! #cookingschoolyukamazda #sushiclass #sodelicious #travelasia #travelmustdo

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Learn it the Japanese style!

What most of the cooking classes fail to understand is that if they aim to teach a certain type of cuisine they should create the environment that makes it feel like they are in Japan. In Cooking School Yuka Mazda, the environment is purely Japanese. The utensils and tools used are Japanese traditional that would help create a cultural environment.

Cooking School Yuka Mazda brings you the chance to learn a multiple of Japanese dishes. The dishes are taught with a lot of heart, mind and soul. They are made with care and attention that the students later sit down and enjoy together.

Let our Yuka Mazda class teach you the different styles of sushi and how every type is cooked in its own distinctive way. Pure Japanese experience that has no comparison. If you think sushi is easy to make, you are mistaken. Sushi is a very tricky meal that has to be cooked with a lot of care and attention.

In Cooking School Yuka Mazda, it will teach you everything starting from how to buy the right fish to the types of seasoning. Moreover, the presentation skills are also taught so that the dish is complete and ready to be presented. We will take you through a series steps, taking care of the basics first. The levels of complexity will gradually increase.

Yuka started her career a long time ago due to her strong passion and inclination for Japanese foods. She has the eye for authentic ingredients that make the ideal meals. It is okay if you know nothing about Japanese cultural foods, Cooking School Yuka Mazda is here to take care of you.

Menu:Gyoza & Sushi Rolls Course, Gyoza & Okonomiyaki Course, Sushi Course, Gyoza (dumplings) & Wagyu Beef Gyu-don
Cost:9,720 JPY
Time:10:00 am~ 2:00 pm
Access: Shirokane takanawa station
Official site:https: