Aya | Cooking Class Host in Kyoto

"Hi,I'm Aya, owner of SAKURA. I was born in Kyoto 1967,raised in Kobe. As you know,Kyoto is very famous historical city as world heritage but also the Heart of Japanese culture. People in Kyoto are carefully protecting the culture of Kyoto. Many tourists come to Kyoto from all over the world, and it is increasing year by year. According to that, the number of experience classes which teaching Japanese culture are continues to increasing. But there are also many shops where amateurs are teach you. They are doing that only for the money. Of course,they are not introduce the correct Japanese culture. My husband and me went to the class about various Japanese culture from when we were children. Since I was 40 years old I studied business administration at the graduate school and got a master's degree. at least,now, I can do the work I wanted to do. My husband is a descendant of [Ihee Ito] who developed a cherry tree "Somei Yoshino". It is the most famous kind of cherry tree in the world. He was a rich trader in the Edo period, and worked for Shogun [House Tokugawa] as an advisor of their garden. Me and my husband are very proud of that. I would like to let you know the right culture of Japan with having fun time with you! Please come to our place if you come to Kyoto. I am looking forward to meeting you. "

Aya's cooking classes