Kachiko | Cooking Class Host in Saitama

"Hello. My name is Kachiko. We have three daughters and one son. Three daughters are married and live here in Japan, while our son is studying at a University in the US. I can speak English, but only a little. My husband speaks English and a little bit of Spanish and Chinese. One of daughters and our son are both fluent in English. Our children visit our home frequently, so they support our cooking activities from time to time. I love cooking very much. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. We believe that we may be able to communicate with people around world and to exchange cultures from various countries with each other through this program. Our house is only a three minute walk from Tsurugashima Station. There is an old Japanese town called Kawagoe with popular sightseeing spots is only a five minute train ride from Tsurugashima Station. We look forward to meeting you, enjoying hand-made Japanese food, and experiencing Japanese culture!"

Kachiko's cooking classes