Aoi | Cooking Class Host in Nagano

"エアキッチン Hi, my name is Aoi. I'm 27 and mama of two little daughters. I was born in Nagano city , which is a famous temple, Zenkouji. My father is a priest of Zenkouji temple. So my house is also temple, which people can stay and pray. When I was 17, I stayed in Germany to learn German for a year as a exchange student. I stayed also in Tront to learn English for three months. I always wanted to communicate with foreigner. About cooking, I cook for everyday for my family and they like Japanese food, like miso soup, udon or sushi. So I can teach you many Japanese foods and also about Zenkouji temple or religions. At first of teaching, I will maybe ask you like this... "What kind of music do you like?" It sounds a bit crazy but I just want you to have a wonderful time in Japan and my house. So let's cook with your favorite music! I'm very looking forward to seeing you. "

Aoi's cooking classes