Nobuko(Amma) | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"Hello there, my name is Amma. I have spent my highschool time in Canada, and graduated from the University in Sydney, Australia where I got a bachelor degree in Naturopathy and learnt Naturopathic Nutrition, where food is prescribed as medicine to prevent future illness. Today I am a mother of two and run a community space/organic vegan cafe called Terra-Koya Douniyah at the foot of Mt. Takao, supporting local organic farmers and healthy life-style choices to help people minimize the negative impact on self as well as the environment. With a help of competent chef, Mrs. Masayo Hannyu who is a vegetable sommelier, we offer japanese organic vegan cooking classes that are not only beautiful for the eyes but also absolutely original, heath-conscious and environmentally-friendly. We look forward to meeting you."

Nobuko(Amma)'s cooking classes