Kaguya | Cooking Class Host in Chiba

"Hello! We will hold a class with mother and daughter. We are currently working as a managed nutritionist. My daughter can have a daily conversation, and she is good at calligraphy and bicycle and sweets making. Mother can speak a little Korean and hobby is the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, and kimono. The house is located about 5 minutes by car from Keisei Usui station, it is a familiar building built in the countryside, it has been built for nearly fifty years, so the kitchen is old but the old house atmosphere is seen I think that you would like. There is a day-trip hot spring, a park, a supermarket, etc. in the place about 10 minutes on foot from home, so we will guide you if you wish. As for the menu, we can also change for vegetarian people. Well, I am looking forward to seeing you all!_"

Kaguya's cooking classes