Aya | Cooking Class Host in Kyoto

" Hi,I'm Aya! I am not vegan,but I have a lot of vegan friends. I've been heard that they are searching cooking class in Kyoto, and they also said that it is so difficult to find. So I desided that I starting up cooking class for vegan and vegetarian in Kyoto. I went to various cooking classes while traveling in Asia, Europe, USA etc. I hope to teach correct Japanese cuisine to everyone from overseas, taking advantage of the experience gained in cooking classes in various countries. Especially in Japan, the Kansai region is a place that can be said as the center of food culture. Here in Kyoto, we will teach a lovely looks lunch box [BENTO] and famous Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. Enjoy Japanese cuisine in a spacious and clean space! "

Aya's cooking classes