The 19 Best Tea Ceremony Experiences in Tokyo

The Japanese tea ceremony is a uniquely Japanese tradition that is worth experiencing if you find yourself in Tokyo. It’s the perfect way to take a step back from the sightseeing and relax, while still immersing yourself in Japanese culture. Through observing and participating in a tea ceremony, you learn a lot about Japanese customs and values. Below, you’ll find our top picks for tea ceremony experiences in Tokyo. Contents1 1. Make Sushi and Tea Ceremony2 2. Mochi Making, Matcha Dessert, and Tea Ceremony3 3. Tea Ceremony (Matcha) & Japanese Sweets4 4. Tea Ceremony Taught by Tea Master5 5. Experience Matcha ~Japanese tea ceremony~6 6. Traditional Japanese Sweets & Matcha Tea Ceremony7 7. Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya Tokyo8 8. Nadeshiko Kimono and Tea Ceremony Experience9 9. We-Waraku-an Tea Ceremony10 10. Ginza Chazen Tea Ceremony11 11. Shizu-kokoro Tea Ceremony12 12. Do Edo Tea Ceremony13 13. Happo-en14 14. Mochi and Traditional Sweets Making Class with Tea Ceremony15 15.  Two types of Wagashi and Tea16 16. Wanocoto Japanese Cultural Experience17 17. Saitama Cooking Class18 18. HiSUi Tokyo19 19. Tokyo Cooking Class: maccha tea ceremony & Traditional Japanese sweets 1. Make Sushi and Tea Ceremony Through this airKitchen class, you can both learn how to make sushi and experience the Japanese tea ceremony. This … Continue reading The 19 Best Tea Ceremony Experiences in Tokyo