How do I find and book a cooking class in Japan through airKitchen?

1. Find your favorite cooking class from the list of cooking classes available in your travel destination city. You can easily find the perfect cooking class for yourself by using the map and search function. Check "How to find a perfect cooking class for you" here!.

2. Check the self-introduction of each host, the introduction of the menu, the photographs and the map, etc. After selecting the cooking class you want to participate in, please click “Book”.

3. You will send a booking request to the host by entering your email address and creating a password.

4. Please select your preferred date with the cooking class calendar.

5. Please enter basic information such as your name, nationality, and a message to the host.

6. Please enter your payment information. Your payment will be charged only when your host accepts your booking request.

7. The booking request has been completed. There will be a response within 24 hours from the host. If the host is not able to fulfill your request, you can chat with the host to adjust to a more convenient date and time.

8. Once your request is accepted by the host, your reservation is complete. Please look forward to cooking classes!

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