Best Cooking Classes in Taormina in 2023

Traveling to Taormina, Italy, is exciting. But having something fun to do when you get there can make the experience so much more. When you are going to Taormina, consider taking a cooking course. Learn about the rich culture and tasty cuisine in hands-on workshops in wonderful Italy. Get tips and lessons from those who know the food the best.

7 Cooking Classes


Chef Massimo Cooking Class

Chef Massimo Cooking Class

Source: Chef Massimo Cooking Class

After an extensive tour of the food market, you get to experience some of Sicily's best cooking techniques from a knowledgeable chef.

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9am – 2:30pm
Closed: Sunday
Price: €89.00 / person

Osteria Santa Domenica Cooking Class Taormina

Osteria Santa Domenica Cooking Class Taormina

Source: Osteria Santa Domenica Cooking Class Taormina

Spend a different day with the best pasta professionals in Taormina, Italy. You'll learn how to prepare three "Mamma Mia!" meals, which you'll taste with good Italian wine.

Hours: Reservation only
Closed: Reservation only
Price: +$28/person

Popular Cooking Class Menu in Taormina: Pasta Cooking Classes

Pasta is the flagship of Italian cuisine. What lover of this dish does not fantasize about eating it and preparing it like a real Italian? In Taormina, the birthplace of many recipes that enrich the Sicilian gastronomy, you can learn everything you need to master the sacred art of pasta-making. Attend any cooking class that suits you best and become a professional "Cuoco"

Popular Cooking Class Menu in Taormina: Pizza Cooking Classes

Who travels to Italy and doesn’t taste their marvelous pizzas? The best way to know Taormina’s culture is not eating but through its pizza-making classes. You’ll learn all the ancient secrets of this incredible universal meal that gained a piece of our hearts. The magic behind the perfect dough and sauce are waiting for you!

Popular Cooking Class Menu in Taormina: Cannoli Cooking Classes

Cannolis are a popular dessert in Sicily. Although the making of the tubes is essentially the same, the filling depends on the tastes of the chef. You can cook them with pastry cream and chocolate, but also with tomato sauce, meat, and mozzarella. If you plan on taking cannolis-making classes, go to Taormina. You'll find several cooking classes by high professionals of Italian cuisine.

Popular Cooking Class Menu in Taormina: Arancini Cooking Classes

Arancini is an excellent option for a quick, yummy lunch. It's like a ball made of breaded rice, its meat filling differentiates it from other similar Asian recipes. Now you can find the perfect Arancini-making classes for you for your next trip to Italy. Don't just take the restaurant experience. Do it yourself in a cooking class!

Popular Cooking Class Menu in Taormina: Seafood Cooking Classes

Swordfish rolls are a popular appetizer in Taormina. Eating them opens up your taste buds to Sicilian flavor. So, why not take a Seafood-making cooking class right now? Not only will you surprise your loved ones at home. You'll also increase your overall culinary culture by getting in direct contact with neat locals. Ready to put on your apron?

Why Taking a Cooking Classes in Taormina is a Must-Do

Learn from Taormina's Experienced Chefs Via a Cooking Class

Experience how to prepare genuine and authentic Sicilian cuisine, and learn them from experienced chefs and instructors who have dedicated their lives to mastering these dishes. They share the same desire to teach these cuisines as they do to make them. They impart their secrets and knowledge about how to make true Italian food.

Take Away More Than Just Memories from Your Taormina Trip

When you attend a cooking class on your vacation, you aren't just learning about how to cook a simple meal. You are learning about their culture and traditions. While you make memories, you are also taking away a piece of Italy that so many tourists miss out on when they visit.

The Soul of Taormina is Their Food

Taormina is known around the world for the exquisite cuisines that come out of there. Taking the opportunity to learn these quality Sicilian cuisines is an honor that shouldn't be taken lightly. Their food is alive, and it can enrich you with a whole other culture different than your own.