Miso soup ,Rice, Japanese pickles,
Shiitake teriyaki,Natto, Azuki beans sweet with tea

Miso soup.
Home made Miso. Nomaly miso soup's stock is bonito. I'll use kelp and siitake mushrooms. With Usuage,it's made of soy.

Steam Rice
Nara famer's rice.

Japanese pickles.
Japanese cabbage and salt.

Siitake teriyaki,
Siitake with Tofu,white sesame.

Home made Natto.
Natto is fearment soy.

Azuki beans sweet.
I'll make "Omanjyu" use Organic Azuki and high quality sugar.

You can select favorite one.

About Host


Hello. I'm Hitomi. I'm learning Japanese vegan cooking called "Shouzin Ryouri".
And working at restaurant. If you like, please came to deep Japanese spot Nara's contry side!
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・From Yamatoyagi Station:10 mins

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