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Despite Japan having a reputation for being a difficult country to live and travel as a vegan, traditional Japanese cooking has always relied on creatively using the diverse flavors and textures of vegetables. Great emphasis is placed on fermentation and the seasonality of ingredients, resulting in dishes that celebrate the tastes and textures of plant-based foods. Shojin ryori, a Buddhist-inspired style of traditional Japanese cuisine, and Japanese desserts (wagashi) are both typically vegan, though many other Japanese dishes are easily veganized. Explore vegan cooking classes in Tokyo below and fully immerse yourself in famed Japanese food culture during your stay! Vegetarian cooking classes are also available.

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Why Taking a Vegan Cooking Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

Enjoy Authentic, Vegan Japanese Food

Japan isn’t the easiest place to live or travel as a vegan (though things are gradually changing). We at airKitchen strongly believe that being vegan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your enjoyment of Japan’s famed food culture during your time here. Traditional Japanese cuisine includes many vegan ingredients and dishes, as well as those that can easily be veganized. For example, shojin ryori is a traditional Japanese style of cooking that has roots in Buddhism and is typically vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. If you’re craving vegan sushi, ramen, gyoza, omurice, and more during your stay in Tokyo, please explore our vegan cooking class offerings!

Take Part in an Intimate Cultural Exchange Experience

When we travel to foreign countries, it can be difficult to really grasp cultural differences beyond a shallow understanding and what daily life is like for locals. We’re hoping to change that. Through an airKitchen cooking class, you’ll learn Japanese-style cooking from locals in their own homes. From them, you’ll not only learn the traditions and techniques of preparing Japanese cuisine, but also gain perspective into Japanese culture and ways of life. In turn, we hope you can share your own unique experiences and points of view with your Japanese host.

Bring Japanese-style Vegan Cooking Skills Home With You

The cooking techniques, recipes, and conversations your host shares with you will travel home with you. You’ll be able to recreate the tasty vegan Japanese dishes you made during class for yourself and loved ones back home, as well as recall the special memories you made together with your host!