Shojin Ryori / Buddhist Cuisine Cooking Class in Tokyo

Shojin ryori is a traditional, Buddhist-inspired Japanese cooking style that is typically vegan and vegetarian-friendly. It is cooked according to certain principles related to Buddhism when it comes to the color, flavoring, and preparation of ingredients. Learn how to make shojin ryori along with its history through a Tokyo cooking class!

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Why Taking a Shojin Ryori Cooking Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

Tokyo is the capital city of japan. This city has a lot of attractive place to catch the attention of the visitors. Every year, numerous tourists visit Tokyo to spend their vacations. The local food of the city has its attraction too. Japanese people like to eat simple and delicious food. Most of the Japanese people are vegetarian. Shojin Ryori is one vegetarian dish that is very popular in japan. Also known as Buddhist devotional cuisines, Shojin Ryori has important place in the Japanese culture. Japanese love this vegetarian meal as it has all the necessary vitamin and minerals. If you plan you visit Tokyo, don’t forget to try out this amazing dish. It is a good idea to join Shojin Ryori cooking class in Tokyo. You will be able to cook Shojin Ryori yourself. Moreover, you will get to know about the benefits of vegetarian dishes.