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Okonomiyaki is derived from the Japanese words meaning, "how you like" and "grilled". It has been described as a fried savory pancake, and consists of flour batter paired with meat, seafood, egg, vegetables, and other ingredients of your choice. While it didn't originate in the Tokyo region, it is a favorite dish enjoyed across Japan.

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Why Taking a Okonomiyaki Cooking Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

The capital city of Japan, Tokyo is today an important tourist hub, with an array of amazing tourist attractions, travel destinations and more.

There are attractions scattered all over Tokyo, ranging from ancient streets and suburbs, to ultramodern high rises. Destinations in the city include, among others, the Meiji Shrine, The Imperial palace, Sensoji Temple, etc. In addition to this, it is also a hub for those wanting to explore other parts of the country as well.

There is much to check out in Tokyo, if you are a foodie. For those looking to finish off a Japanese meal, you would surely want to dig into some delicious Okonomiyaki.
The Okonomiyaki can be defined as the Japanese Pancake, or its equivalent, consumed as a savory on a variety of occasions. The dish started out in the Kansai and Hiroshima regions of Japan, but has become famous throughout the country, especially Japan.
The dish is in simple terms, what its Japanese meaning suggests; “grilled as you like it”, for that’s the way it is made. The dish is comprised of a base batter, prepared using flour, eggs, shredded cabbage and sometimes meat. The dish is then topped off with a variety of ingredients, which can include among others, vegetables, meats, seafood, cheese, etc. It can be considered, in a way, a traditional Japanese pizza.
While the variants are many in each part of Japan, the Tokyo region happens to be famous for what is called Monjayaki, a rather semi-liquid version of the Okonomiyaki.

Furthermore, we would suggest that you sign up for a suitable cooking class as well during your stay in Tokyo. It will give you a truly up close and personal experience to the Okonimiyaki and even its little variant, the Monjayaki, through the many classes that have been listed out.