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Caroline, Hong Kong
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"A great sharing time, just like having a gathering in a friend’s home!"

I visited Tokyo many times. I always want to attend a cooking class in a Japan local residence so that not only I can learn how to make Japanese dishes but also I can learn the Japanese culture. Thanks “airKitchen” for making my dream comes true! I like the service of airKitchen team as they replied to my email enquiry promptly so I could decide which course to take. The host Masako-san provided great hospitality and made me feel like home. I enjoyed doing hands-on udon and tempura making, especially the traditional way in making udon! I also enjoyed sitting down and eating our finished products together. A great sharing time, just like having a gathering in a friend’s home! This is truly an enjoyable and memorable experience! I am really looking forward to my next trip to Japan and my next cooking lesson with airKitchen.


Heng, Singapore
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Our cooking class experience was marvelous!"

Our cooking class experience with Michi's Table was marvelous. Besides teaching us the expert techniques of tempura cooking, she also shared with us the history of the food we cooked. This exemplified her in-depth knowledge of Japanese cuisine. Her love for food art was also shown by the way she taught us how to set the table for the food, interwoven with beautiful tableware and cutlery sets. Aside to cooking class, she was happy to share about the nice places of Tokyo to visit. In short, Michiko is an awesome host.


Danycia, America
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"It is a must for anyone visiting Japan!!!"

I had such fun time experiencing true Japanese cooking, culture, and food through airKitchen! airKitchen is a great way to stay at a Japanese's local's home and learn how to make simple, yet delicious beautiful Japanese dishes. It is a must for anyone visiting Japan!!!

Why Taking a Cooking Class in Saitama is a Must-Do

Cooking class Saitama is mellow, fun activities which will provide you insights into regional cuisine and local culture.

Saitama is the center and the most crowded city of Japan. The area incorporates the previous towns of Iwatsuki, Yono, Omira, and Urawa. It’s a city made by government ordinance. A lot of guests and travelers flocked yearly to Saitama to witness the fantastic landmarks such as Hikawe shrine, Railway Museum, etc. Aside from these, Saitama is also known for mouthwatering food. This can be seen in the many cooking classes that offer various kinds of cooking lessons.

Taking a cooking class Saitama can be a remarkable way to engross yourself in Saitama’s culture. You will also learn how to buy the best and freshest ingredients.

Maybe you have tried some of the delicious dishes, but, you cannot figure out what is it or where to order it. Why not cook one for yourself.

Most cooking classes Saitama will show students how to prepare several local specialties; most might be hard to look for in a restaurant. There may be lots of familiar food you can eat anywhere in your travels can take you, however, would not you instead discover bona fide regional cuisines?

Cooking class Saitama will highlight the best dishes in the area such as homemade gluten free bread, Gyu-don, Futomaki, Gyoza, sushi roll, Temari-sushi, sukiyaki, and many others. Part of this cooking class may include one trip to the nearest specialty food shop or market, and introduces you to eatable delights you have not tried before.

Take benefit of the knowledge and skills of a professional host. He or she can answer your queries in English. Some cooking class hosts can speak in English fluently, which make it easy for you to understand the given instruction.

One of the many benefits of traveling to Saitama is that you do not need to carry out many chores, and cooking class is not an exception. Cooking class Saitama provides you the fun and excitement of cooking Japanese cuisines.

Most cooking classes in Saitama have a comfortable and relaxed setting without pressure, so although your skills in culinary do not extend microwaving, you’ll find success in your cooking class. If you have a passion in Japan culinary arts, enrolling at cooking, class Saitama must be your first step.

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