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・Sushi (Chirashi-zushi) ・Osuimono(Washoku soup) ・Tukune ・Tenpura ・Misosoup etc.

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FAQ about cooking classes in Nara

  • Which cooking classes are offered in English in Nara?

    All cooking classes in Nara on airKitchen are offered in English.

  • How much does it cost to join a cooking class in Nara?

    On average cooking classes in Nara cost ¥5027 per person (based on airKitchen prices).

Why Taking a Cooking Class in Nara is a Must-Do

Nara, which has been the center point of Japanese history since ancient times, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.

Nara has three world heritage sites such as The Great Buddha in Todaiju temple, and many tourists from all over the world visit Nara every year to see historic temples, shrines and nature.

Because it has a long history, Nara has many kinds of traditional local dishes such as “Somen noodle”, “Kakinoha sushi”(sushi wrapped in a persimmon leaf), and “Asuka Nabe”(Nara-style hot pot)

We strongly recommend not only eating the traditional dishes of Nara, but also participating and learning in cooking classes, while also learning about Japanese culture and history.