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Influenced by Portuguese cooking in the late 16th century, Nagasaki was the first Japanese city to adopt tempura-style, deep-fried batter cooking. Tokyo, then Edo, transformed this early tempura into its more recognizable form today due to its fast food, yatai (food cart) culture. Check out the classes below and learn how to make Edo style tempura in Tokyo!

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Why Taking a Tempura Cooking Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

You live in Japan and you do not know about Tempura and how to make it?
This is not good that you have not tried such a famous and delicious Japanese dish till now.

You do not need to worry when the airKitchen cooking classes available which offer the best guidance, practice and knowledge of all the Japanese food.

Tempura is a fish and vegetable-based dish which will provide you with maximum taste and health satisfaction in lunch as well as in dinner time.
Since the Edo period, Tempura has been liked and eaten in the Japanese culture with little changing and will be like even more in the coming time.

That is why it is important for Japanese as well as foreigners to learn the right Tempura making procedure and rules. The tempura cooking classes will prove very advantageous in providing you with good assistance to make delicious Tempura for your family.