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Osaka is the city japan that attracts the maximum number of tourists every year. Osaka represents the Japanese culture in the true manner. There are several temples in the city. Most of them are quite old and represent the religious activities of ancient people. The local food of the city is also famous. Almost all of the Japanese dishes can be found in Osaka. Tempura is one famous Japanese dish. Tempura consists of vegetables and sea food. The vegetables and the sea food are deep fried. Onions, carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms are the commonly used vegetable for cooking Tempura. The crunchy feel of tempura is what makes is so special. Tempura can be served over noodles and rice. By taking a Tempura class in Osaka, you can become an expert cook. The recipes of all the famous Japanese dishes such as tempura will be on your fingertips. With time, you will be able to cook Tempura t home.