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Why Taking a Takoyaki Cooking Class in Osaka is a Must-Do

Takoyaki is without any doubt is a bell-shaped Japanese snack or appetizer that is cooked inside a special moulded pan that serves the very requirements of the dish. It is not deep-fried, but some amount of oil is being used to give it its signature crisp.

The best method to prepare this beautiful dish is to have the wheat flour battered with eggs and formed into a dough; then you will have to roll it up and by pushing your fingers inward make a hole at the very centre of the dough. Next, you will have to stuff the inner of the dough with a variety of substances or elements such as diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger and or a variety of other vegetables.

Join the Takayuki cooking class in Osaka not only to understand the dish better but also to master the skill of cooking it flawlessly.