Takoyaki(Octopus Ball) Party
Osaka Cooking Class


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2.5 hours

Max 4 guests

Market Visiting

Cooking Class Menu

・Takoyaki(Octopus ball)
・Miso soup
・Onigiri(Rice ball)
・Mugi tea

In this class, we will have a "Takoyaki Party". Speaking of Osaka, Takoyaki is a famous food that has one Takoyaki machine in the family.
In Japan, we omit "Takoyaki Party" and call it "Takopa".
I will teach you how to make flour for baking takoyaki, cutting materials,and tips for making rounds well.
If you are not good at octopus, you can also make it with other ingredients such as shrimp, squid, beef, minceko, mochi and cheese.
You experience the making of takoyaki, and after returning home, please try "Takopa" .
Why don't you take "Takopa" with me as a memory of your journey?

About Host



Hi. My name is Kayo. My mother is a good cook and I have been trying various dishes for several years if I want to be like my mother. I'm curious and interested in cross cultural exchange.I want to meet a lot of people and have a good time together through cooking.And my town is Osaka Minami area,there are many famous sightseeing spots.Let me help you make your trip to Japan a great memory.

How It Works

Step1 Cook


Visit a Japanese local's home and learn to cook their specialty.

Step2 Enjoy your meal!


Eat the authentic homemade Japanese meal with your Japanese host. Take the opportunity to have a genuine conversation with a local Japanese Person.


The closest station

Tanimachi 9 cyome Station

How to get to the station?

From Shinosaka Station: 25mins

Exact location provided after booking.

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