Tea Ceremony Experiences in Tokyo

The Japanese tea ceremony is a popular experience for travelers visiting Tokyo. It is a uniquely Japanese tradition that goes back centuries, with its methods shedding insight into Japanese culture and values. Traditionally, Japanese sweets (wagashi) are enjoyed with the green tea, and you’ll find many airKitchen experiences pair the two. Step back from the bustling streets of Tokyo and into a local’s home to experience a more intimate side of Japanese life.

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FAQ About Tea Ceremony Classes in Tokyo

  • Which tea ceremony classes are offered in English in Tokyo?

    All tea ceremony classes in Tokyo on airKitchen are offered in English.

  • Which tea ceremony class is popular in Tokyo?

    Colorful sushi and Tea Ceremony is popular with other travelers visiting Tokyo.

  • How much does it cost to join a tea ceremony class in Tokyo?

    On average tea ceremony classes in Tokyo cost ¥4825 per person (based on airKitchen prices).

  • What are the best tea ceremony classes in Tokyo for vegans?

    Some of the best tea ceremony classes for vegans in Tokyo include A casual vegan lunch plate + tea ceremony experience.

  • What is the best cheap tea ceremony class in Tokyo?

    Popular cheap tea ceremony classes in Tokyo include Experience Matcha ~Japanese tea ceremony~.

You Can Join Tea Ceremony Classes Not Just in Tokyo

Why Taking a Tea Ceremony Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

Participate in the Important Japanese Ritual of Tea Ceremony

The practices and customs of the Japanese tea ceremony shed insight into Japanese history and values. Heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism, elements of the tea ceremony emphasize balance, harmony, and simplicity. From the set-up of the room, to the ingredients and utensils used, to the movements of the server – each part of the tea ceremony carries specific intent and importance, and reveal much about Japanese culture. Through participating in a Japanese tea ceremony in Tokyo, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a ritual that has been practiced in Japan since the late 16th century.

Visit a Tokyo Local’s Home and Immerse Yourself in Japanese Culture

Tea ceremonies are a popular cultural activity for tourists visiting Japan. While there are several places to enjoy tea ceremonies in Tokyo, experiencing a tea ceremony through airKitchen offers a uniquely personal cultural exchange experience. Tea ceremonies can often feel stiffy and tied up by formality due to the rigid rules that are followed, making it difficult to relax and fully enjoy the experience. In contrast, an airKitchen tea ceremony class in Tokyo takes place in a more comfortable and intimate environment: a host’s home. You’ll still learn about the steps and history of the Japanese tea ceremony, while also having the opportunity to get to know your host and experience Japanese life more closely.

Relax and Enjoy a Cup of Green Tea in Tokyo!

Green tea, or matcha, is a traditional Japanese drink that is prepared and enjoyed in the Japanese tea ceremony. It is often enjoyed paired with wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets, and you’ll find that many airKitchen Japanese tea ceremony experiences in Tokyo combine the tea ceremony with other cooking opportunities – like wagashi making! Whether you’re interested in preparing other dishes during your airKitchen class or just participating in a Japanese tea ceremony, enjoying a cup of green tea with your host is an excellent way to round out your experience in Tokyo.