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Why Taking a Gyoza Cooking Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, and one of the most important destinations in all of Japan for trade, culture and history.

The attractions and features of Tokyo range from the ancient to the ultramodern, with historical streets on one side, and glittering skyscrapers on the other. Important attractions here include the Imperial palace, Meiji shrine, Tsukiki Market, etc. In addition to this, the place also is a center for pop culture, anime, food and more as well.

Tokyo is a great place if you are into food. The delicacies it offers are aplenty, and will keep your taste buds delighted for a very long time.
One popular Tokyo dish, is the called the Gyoza. Sometimes called the Jiaozi, it is a dumpling dish that began in China, but soon spread to Japan, where it evolved into the modern-day Gyoza.
The dish is essentially a dumpling, made using ground meat or vegetables, wrapped in a thin piece of dough. The dumpling is then sealed at the ends, and then boiled, steamed or fried. Additionally, it is usually eaten with black vinegar or a sesame oil dip.
The Gyoza recipe is fairly the same throughout eastern Asia, the Japanese one makes it unique because of its rich garlic flavor. Also, the Japanese gyoza tends to be friend more than steamed or boiled due to local preferences.
While the Gyoza has largely been a traditional dish for a long time, it has increasingly become a big hit as street food in Japan, among locals and foreigners alike.

We would also like to recommend that while you check out the many treasures of this city, that you that you also sign up for a suitable Gyoza cooking class, and relish in the many flavors and tastes of this little heritage of Tokyo.