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Udon noodles can be enjoyed both hot and cold, in a variety of styles with different flavorings. In Tokyo, there are many udon classes to choose from so you can find the style that most appeals to you – whether it's yakiudon, kake udon, or even matcha udon!

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Why Taking a Udon Making Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

Situated in the center of Japan, Tokyo is a very important tourist destination in all of Japan. It is well known as a place of trade and commerce, as well as for being the country's capital. In addition to this, there are several sites of historical and cultural importance as well.

The city of Tokyo abounds in tourist attractions from end to end. Some of them include ancient streets of Shitamachi region, an array of shrines, the imperial castle and more. In addition to this, the city also has an active nightlife, an anime scene, a thriving food culture and more as well.

One of the most popular dishes in Tokyo, as with other parts of Japan, is the humble noodles. One common variety of this is what is called the Udon, which is a thick wheat flour noodle. It is usually served in a bowl as noodle soup, or sometimes as kake udon or plain noodles.
There are many ways that the udon can be prepared. The most common one involves the boiling of udon noodles, after which it is either served as plain noodles or as a soup.
In plain preparations, the noodles are mixed with dashi, soy sauce, mirin and sometimes spring onions. At times, the dish is served with tempura as well, which is the Japanese word for deep-fried seafood or vegetables. Also common is the use of shichimi, a spicy mixture of several condiments.
In the case of making noodle soup, the udon noodles are mixed in with what is called dashi, usually soy dashi, which is a kind of traditional broth. The broth itself is made by heating water with kombu or kelp, and pieces of stock (soy, fish, etc).
It is a very common dish, eaten on a regular basis by people and is a fantastic local delicacy worth checking out.

Also, we would like to recommend that you check out the many wonderful udon and other cooking classes that the city is famous for, while explore this amazing part of Japan.