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FAQ About Wagashi Making Classes in Osaka

  • Which wagashi making classes are offered in English in Osaka?

    All wagashi making classes in Osaka on airKitchen are offered in English.

  • What is the best cheap wagashi making class in Osaka?

    Popular cheap wagashi making classes in Osaka include Baking Japanese style of Breads.

  • Which wagashi making class is popular in Osaka?

    Baking Japanese style of Breads is popular with other travelers visiting Osaka.

  • How much does it cost to join a wagashi making class in Osaka?

    On average wagashi making classes in Osaka cost ¥4533 per person (based on airKitchen prices).

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Why Taking a Wagashi Making Class in Osaka is a Must-Do

Alter Tokyo, Osaka, is the second-largest city in Japan. Osaka is a famous tourist spot in Japan, and every year thousands of tourists visit this city. The architecture, shopping centers, nightlife and street food in Osaka are some of its main attractions. The street food available in Osaka tastes good, and all types of Japanese food items are available in Osaka. Wagashi (famous Japanese sweet dish) is also readily available in the city. Wagashi is made from wheat, red beans and sugar. Unlike other desserts, cream and butter aren’t used to prepare Wagashi. The presence of natural ingredients such as wheat and red beans makes Wagashi a nutritious sweet item. Wagashi is deeply associated with Japanese culture. In Osaka, Wagashi is served with tea or coffee. For foreigners, Wagashi is a unique food item. They want to know the recipe of Wagashi. It is the best idea to join Wagashi making class in Osaka. These cooking classes will help you learn the original method for making Wagashi.