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FAQ about sushi making classes in Kyoto

  • What is the best cheap sushi making class in Kyoto?

    Popular cheap sushi making classes in Kyoto include Temari-sushi (sushi-ball).

  • Which sushi making class is popular in Kyoto?

    Enjoy making Sushi & Matcha! is popular with other travelers visiting Kyoto.

  • Which sushi making classes are offered in English in Kyoto?

    All sushi making classes in Kyoto on airKitchen are offered in English.

  • How much does it cost to join a sushi making class in Kyoto?

    On average sushi making classes in Kyoto cost ¥5552 per person (based on airKitchen prices).

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Why Taking a Sushi Making Class in Kyoto is a Must-Do

Kyoto is the prefecture in Japan and comprises of multiple wards and cities. Kyoto is also a popular tourist destination in Japan. The temples and shrines in Kyoto familiarize us with the religious identity of Japanese people. The local food in Kyoto also attracts tourists. Within, all of these destinations share the same value for the Japanese dishes and cuisines, especially sushi.

Sushi is the most famous Japanese cuisine in Kyoto. All over the world, sushi is available in different flavors. But the authentic taste of sushi is only available in Japanese prefectures such as Kyoto. Sushi is made from rice, raw fish, vegetables, and some special spices. The presence of special spices enhances the taste of sushi. Many people assume that sushi is a raw mixture of fish and rice. Well, sushi isn’t that easy dish to cook. Rice and fish are the only main ingredients of sushi.

Rice should be boiled appropriately for making sushi at home. Boil them at a moderate temperature. The pressure must be reasonably maintained. By following such fundamental principles, rice can be boiled properly. The next step is slicing the meat. Seafood item such as fish and prawn is mostly used for cooking sushi. You can take either of these for making sushi at home. Slice down the fish into several pieces before cooking them. Add some vinegar to neutralize the smell of raw fish. For making sushi at home, you can add multiple types of vegetables. Mix vegetables and add some vinegar on the top. Now, add these vegetables into the mixture of raw fish and boiled rice. Further, you can add unique sauces to enhance the taste of sushi. Only the Japanese cook is aware of the sauces that enhance the flavor of sushi. Therefore, in Kyoto, the taste of sushi is fantastic.

Only Japanese chefs and cooks are aware of the secret tricks to make sushi at home. These cooks have years of experience making sushi. To learn under the supervision of Japanese cook’s joining a sushi making class in Kyoto is the best idea. Mostly sushi making classes are held twice a week. Even if you are a working professional, you can manage the routine.

Further, sushi is a Japanese cuisine that is famous all over the world. So, if you learn the process of making sushi, it’s a great achievement. You will be able to make a restaurant like sushi at home. The key to any cuisines is its recipe. The same is the case with sushi; its original recipe is the key to its great taste. Unfortunately, the majority isn’t aware of the True method of making sushi at home. These cooking classes will be taught you the authentic way to make sushi at home. Sushi is also deeply associated with the Japanese tradition. A candidate also gets an opportunity to learn insights into Japanese culture. You will get to know the history of sushi, how it became so popular in the whole world.