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FAQ About Sushi Making Classes in Hokkaido

  • How much does it cost to join a sushi making class in Hokkaido?

    On average sushi making classes in Hokkaido cost ¥6450 per person (based on airKitchen prices).

  • What is the best cheap sushi making class in Hokkaido?

    Popular cheap sushi making classes in Hokkaido include Temaki sushi&Homemade miso soup& Tonkatsu..

  • Which sushi making class is popular in Hokkaido?

    Chirashi Sushi Making Class is popular with other travelers visiting Hokkaido.

  • Which sushi making classes are offered in English in Hokkaido?

    All sushi making classes in Hokkaido on airKitchen are offered in English.

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Why Taking a Sushi Making Class in Hokkaido is a Must-Do

Hokkaido is the most famous cold tourist spot in Japan. Due to its harsh weather in winters, several skiers and snowboarders visit Hokkaido. People who are from Europe will love Hokkaido. The weather of Hokkaido is quite harsh. In winters the temperature often drops below 0 Celsius. Tourists love and enjoy the cold weather in Hokkaido. Despite the extreme weather, all types of Japanese cuisines can be found in Hokkaido. The unique taste of Japanese cuisines makes their stay even better. Japanese food items have their exceptional taste. Sushi is one popular Japanese delicious dish. Like other parts of Tokyo, Sushi is also standard in Hokkaido. Sushi has a unique place in Japanese culture. For years, it has been the favorite meal of many Japanese. There are other Japanese cuisines, too, but none of them has the same place as sushi. Sushi consists of rice, fish, and vegetables. Even prawns can be used to make sushi. People outside japan also love sushi. They are keen to know the recipe for this dish. By joining a sushi-making class in Hokkaido, you can learn the art of making sushi. These cooking classes will also help you determine the Japanese culture.