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Why Taking a Takoyaki Cooking Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and an important travel destination in this part of the country. Famous for its cultural and historical treasures, as well as being a center for commerce, this is one destination that you shouldn't miss out on.

There are more attractions in Tokyo than you could imagine. From ancient suburbs to imposing castles, and an array of modern elements, the city is a travel delight for all. Some of the most important include, among others, the Akihabara district, Nezu and Sendagi neighborhoods, the Meiji and sensoji shrines, and more. There is also an active nightlife and food scene as well in this amazing city.

Snacking is a part of the foodie lifestyle, when you go about grazing before you go gorging. One popular snack in Japan, which you can indulge in when you visit Tokyo, would be that of the Takoyaki. The dish is very popular in Tokyo as street food, although they are served in restaurants as well.
It is a ball-shaped dish, made using wheat batter, and cooked in a molding pan. The process gives it a ball-like appearance, and is frequently served as a snack or appetizer.
The insides of the takoyaki are usually filled with a variety of ingredients, the most common being minced or diced octopus (tako), green onions, picked ginger or pieces of tempura (deep-fried meats or vegetables).
To top it all off, the dishes are served either as a standalone, or with a mix of mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, sprinklings of green laver, sesame-vinegar sauce (goma-dare) or vinegar dashi.

Also, we would suggest that you go for a suitable takoyaki cooking class, which would help you get up close and personal with this appetizing seafood preparation.

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