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Often regarded as Tokyo’s most underrated neighbourhood, Nakano is pure and filled with joy. The place is equipped with wonders. On one corner you would come across a tiny shrine while in the other you will find a vintage clothing shop.

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Why Taking a Cooking Class in Nakano is a Must-Do

Nakano will give you the ultimate experience of luxury high rises along with extraordinary platoons of tourists and taxis. They say, you need to get lost in the place to find the hidden urban treasure.

These classes are super accommodating. The class will allow students to interact with fellow students and ask as much as they want from their master chef. Easy communication to provide better results. Nakano has the finest independent ramen shops which you can explore in the shopping arcade ideal place to purchase all the ingredients you need in your authentic Japanese cooking class.

Select from a menu of items that what you want to cook with your class today. The class takes place inside a home-style kitchen which makes sure the student doesn’t feel like he or she is part of a test.

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