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Nerima city, a famous Tokyo neighborhood, is also one excellent tourist spot. Thousands of people from all over the world visit Nerima to learn about the Japanese lifestyle. Japanese animation production started in this city. Due to this reason, Nerima is quite famous. Spring season is the best time to visit this town. The famous parks of the ward, Shakujii Park Hikarigaoka Park, provide an excellent view of cherry blossoms. Nerima city also has to offer some of the best Japanese street food items. Chuo Street is a famous spot for food lovers. Several dining areas and restaurants are located on this street. Yakitori, Sushi, and various types of noodles are readily available here. You should join a cooking class in Nerima to get familiar with all types of Japanese food offerings. Cooking classes are also offered in the English language. Further, these cooking classes will help you learn the art of cooking Japanese meals.