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Chuo city is a famous ward in Tokyo. It has a long history, and it exists for 400 years. The town truly reflects Japanese culture. Chuo is a busy town with tall buildings all around, but it has to offer some great recreational activities too. Tsukiji Shrine, Tsukiji Hongan-Ji, and Hamarikyu Gardens are some of the famous tourist spots of the city. These shrines represent the religious culture of the people of Japan. Street food is another specialty of the town. Mostly fish items are sold in the city. The Tsukiji fish market is the primary food street of Chuo. Almost every kind of fish is available in the Tsukiji fish market. Cooking fish meals isn’t that difficult but is the recipe that makes the difference. You should join a cooking class in Chou to know more e about these dishes. These cooking classes will also help you in learning the Japanese culture.