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Unique Quick SUSHI, MOCHI, KIMONO, 3in1@Ginza/Tsukiji, Tokyo

Sushi   Ginza Tsukiji Chuo Tokyo
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2 hours

Max 6 guests

Market Visiting

Cooking Class Menu

For busy tourists and families with kids, summer special.

Super easy, saving time, smaller quantities!
Because many guests want to enjoy other sightseeing and local food.

- Variety of sushi types, unique art roll etc. Revolving sushi machine. Wasabi grating. Sushi and anime music.
- Free option, Mochi pounding and Kimono try-on.

- Efficient, educational support by certified instructor of sushi school. Effortless by work share together.
- Only 1min from the famous Tsukiji Market. So Tsukiji fresh ingredients. Easy access, cozy room.

- Vegetarian, vegan, halal, and allergen, and customize options available. Please let me know it when booking.

1: SUSHI 90min
- Learn about various types of sushi: unique art flower roll, basic roll, nigiri hand pressed, gunkan, temari ball, temaki hand roll.
- Tasting your sushi and making temaki handroll party. Mini revolving sushi machine. Lively sushi-themed music, anime, Vocaloid songs as Japanese pop culture.
- Grate fresh wasabi root and try unique various soy sauces.

2: MOCHI 5min *free option
-Fun pounding upbeat like as famous YouTube! Take a bite fresh mochi.

3: KIMONO 20min *free option
- Easily wear a kimono and take photos. Large sizes and stylish kimono collection featured in fashion magazines.

* Option can be skipped, if you have next plans.

* I also recommend my other MOCHI specialize class.

Cooking Class Information

① introduction and explanation
② sushi workshop
③ tasting time
④ mochi pounding and tasting
⑤ wearing kimono and taking pictures freely
+ mini conveyor belt sushi machine, fresh wasabi root grating, soup, sushi chef cap, cool design kimono including tall size and men's kimono. with traditional and new Japanese fun etc.

Even Japanese people are also beginner for sushi, mochi, kimono, because it's professional or old skill and need traditional tools. So I prepare all of these as unique entertainment and fun first step for you to discover good old Japan. Well, take it easy! I am a professional teacher at a sushi school and have career more than 12 years, 4,000 people. Please relax and enjoy these experience in my small cozy Japanese room.

At the class, I explain how to use ingredients and tools, as sushi rice, seaweed, and bamboo rolling mat, mochi, mortar, pestle. 50min for sushi making, 40min for tasing, 15min for mochi pounding and tasting (quick pound during steamed mochi rice is hot will become good sticky), kimono wearing and taking pictures freely in the rest of the time.

About Host



★★★★★ (40)

All cooking classes by Mami

Hello. My name is Mami. I have been telling how to make art sushi roll for 10 years to thousands of people as fun, company event and also certification. Then I also got Edo-mae sushi chef diploma at Tokyo Sushi Academy. Besides I started art mochi class too 3 years ago. These unique food are Japanese traditional in local cuisine or sushi chef technic.

I had lived in Houston Texas, USA for 3 years, then back to Japan I opened design sushi roll class because wanted to give my county experience to appreciate foreigners had given to me their country experience before. Let's enjoy Japanese unique kawaii and delicious sushi and mochi together!

粋 STYLISH : Edo-style minimalism room, KonMari'd and cozy, and kimono host.
遊 SURPRISE : interesting Japanese traditional tools, books, toys as my collection.
匠 SPECIALIST : 10 years, 3,000 guests, 50 media appearances, certificate class too.


The closest station

Tsukiji Station

How to get to the station?

From Ginza: 5mins

Exact location provided after booking.

Reviews of Cooking Class

Kristen, United States of America


Mami was amazing! She was patient and explained everything very well! She took her time and provided such a high level of service. Mami provided a an authentic experience. Everyone should stay gn up for this class. Worth every penny!

Jun 2024

Hannah, United States of America


It was such a beautiful and fun class. Mami made us feel so welcome and was a true professional.

Feb 2024

Samira, United States of America


This was the sushi making class experience I've ever taken! Mami was very knowledgeable and patient with me, my sister and daughter when we wore our kimonos. She was very kind yo us!

Jan 2024

Sean, United States of America


Mami was a wonderful host and brilliant teacher. We had a fantastic experience. She was a wealth of knowledge and taught us the fundamentals of making great sushi. It’s clear that she has dedicated her career to the practice and were grateful that she shared her knowledge with us first hand.

Dec 2023

Jackie, United States of America


Great experience!!, my daughter loved it, I will highly recommend this class!!

Jun 2023

Renee , United States of America


Our family had such a wonderful food & culture experience with Mami! From the minute we entered to the goodbyes, we enjoyed every minute of this small group encounter. Class was well organized and tailored to our needs. Mami was extremely patient with my young children. Thank you Mami for making this one of our best first time experiences in Tokyo!

Aug 2023

Menchie Dizon, Singapore


Really worth our time! I am glad we chose Mami's class over others. It is a perfect activity for family. Thank you again!

Jun 2023

Emma, United States of America


We had an amazing time with Mami! She showed us how to make rolls, sushi and mochi. Then we ate what we made, it's was delicious! The best part was trying kimono. It was a great expirience with Mami.

Jul 2023

Rita, United States of America


Mami is a lovely and friendly host! She is excellent and clear at explaining how to make the sushi and mochi. She is knowledgeable and is very fluent when she explains Japanese culture and the occasions each dish is commonly served in. It was a lot of fun learning all the methods and trying out unique unexpected experiences like grinding our own wasabi and drinking delicious soup that isn’t miso soup but a soup commonly made for special occasions and served at higher end restaurants. The experience was so much fun and comfortable. It was interesting to learn about Japanese culture in depth. Mami would also take pictures and videos for us throughout the experience so we would be focused on the experience. She would send us the recipes and photos after the experience is over. This was a awesome experience that made our trip to Japan unforgettable!

Jun 2023

Ashta, Australia


Mami was such a lovely, beautiful and welcoming host, she was an amazing teacher and I enjoyed learning from her the art of sushi and mochi making and also loved the kimono try ons! She has truly made our trip so special and we will be raving about her and the experience she provided for years to come!

Jun 2023

Penny, United States of America


We had such a wonderful time with Mami! She was so friendly and made sushi-making easy. Thank you for a lovely class!

Jun 2023

Shawn, United States of America


We had such a wonderful time with Mami. We enjoyed the the instruction, conversation and music. The food was awesome. We had so much to eat. The sushi was delicious and so was the mochi. Afterward, we tried on the kimonos and had a blast. Thank you!

Jun 2023, United States of America


Thank you for your class! Participants seemed to have enjoyed it pretty much!

May 2023

xavier bateman, United Kingdom


Mami lessons are a definite must. The sushi making was great (and delicious) and we learnt alot! The mochi pounding and kimono wearing were a great addition. Thank you for amazing lesson!

May 2023

Brandon , United States of America


This experience was wonderful! Mami had every detail meticulously planned out and it was an incredible experience from start to finish. She was warm and friendly and taught us a lot! We loved how she had themed music quietly in the background that smoothly changed to match each activity that we did. When we sat down to eat, she brought us more fresh sushi in addition to the sushi we had made! She was patient and kind and I highly recommend this class.

Apr 2023

Lucas, United States of America


thank you so much for this unique experience. Mami was very accommodating and pleasant, truly a humble soul.

Apr 2023

Cynthia, Hong Kong


Mami is a very good cooking teacher and host. She is well organised, patient and friendly. She speaks good English and can communicate well with guests. The whole experience was great! I would highly recommend this experience with my friends from Hong Kong!

Apr 2023

Zaina, Australia


Mami was an excellent host!! She was really friendly and encouraging, and she was a great teacher. Her lesson was really great and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I would 100% recommend giving her lesson a try!

Jan 2020

julia, United States of America


Wow this was amazing every second was incredible and she knew so much what a once in a lifetime experience

Jan 2020

Arifin, Indonesia


Our cooking experience was wonderful and Mami was very kind and friendly

Dec 2019

Jared, United States of America


I had a great time preparing sushi with Mami. She was an excellent host and gave me a great experience! Not only was the food delicious, she gives you a great insight into Japanese culture. I highly recommend this to anyone visiting Tokyo!

Dec 2019

Ksenia, Israel



Oct 2019

Jun, Brazil


Dear Mami-san Thanks a lot for the class !! It was amazing having class with you!! The experience I had in class with you Mami Sensei (teacher in English) was wonderful and very easy to understand how to make the “Design Maki-Sushi”. You was very kind on all points and very helpful, taught us in an easy way to understand. I plan on continuing to learn this art of “Design Maki Sushi” with Mami Sensei in the next opportunity !! One more detail: the class is within easy reach of Tsukuji and Ginza easy for all !! Grazie Mille Jun

Sep 2019

Allison , United States of America


Mami is so awesome! She is professional yet pleasant and kind from beginning to the end of the class. She helped my sister and I be comfortable to create our first floral sushi roll and it was so much fun! We got to see our creations on a mini conveyor belt, while enjoying some tea and various goodies. I would take her class again when I am in Japan and highly recommend anyone else interested in learning to roll their own art sushi!!

Aug 2019

Alissa Balfoort & Shane , Netherlands


We had a great time with Mami. Thank you so much! Best wishes from the Netherlands.

Jul 2019

Simona, Czech Republic


We are so happy we had the chance to meet Mami! The cooking experience was marvellous and she was very patient with us, she is a real professional. We had a great time and learnt a lot, we will be coming to Tokyo in few years again and we cant wait to meet her again :) Simona and Adri :)

Jun 2019

Audrey, Canada


We had a great time with Mami san. She is professional and friendly. Mami san is very patient with kids too. I joined the sushi class with my 8 years old daughter. She is very curious and interested in many Japanese culture and food. Mami san patiently explain to her with interesting details. Thank you, Mami san for making our trip to Tokyo a memorable one!

Jul 2019

Alfani, Indonesia


Fantastic, I wish I can give Mami sensei 10 stars. Many many details are provided and the time flies super quickly. I also felt very satisfied learning from professional. I hope I could come again and do more lessons jn the future. Thank you so much againn Mami-san

May 2019

Sallie, United States of America


We had a great time with Mama making sushi rolls. She was great handling both my kids (ages 7 and 9) and my parents. The lesson was wonderful and we tried so many new things. We would recommend this class!

Apr 2019

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Response from Mami

FAQ about Unique Quick SUSHI, MOCHI, KIMONO, 3in1@Ginza/Tsukiji, Tokyo | Cooking class by Mami

  • Is Unique Quick SUSHI, MOCHI, KIMONO, 3in1@Ginza/Tsukiji, Tokyo available for vegans?

    Yes, Unique Quick SUSHI, MOCHI, KIMONO, 3in1@Ginza/Tsukiji, Tokyo has a vegan option.

  • How much does it cost to join Unique Quick SUSHI, MOCHI, KIMONO, 3in1@Ginza/Tsukiji, Tokyo?

    It costs 14800 per person.

  • What is the maximum capacity of Mami's cooking class?

    Up to 6 people can join Mami's cooking class.

  • How long is this cooking class by Mami?

    Duration of this cooking class is 2 hours.

  • Is Unique Quick SUSHI, MOCHI, KIMONO, 3in1@Ginza/Tsukiji, Tokyo available for vegetarians?

    Yes, Unique Quick SUSHI, MOCHI, KIMONO, 3in1@Ginza/Tsukiji, Tokyo has a vegetarian option.

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