Mami | Cooking Class Host in Tokyo

"Hello. My name is Mami. I have been telling how to make art sushi roll for 8 years to thousands of people as fun, company event and also certificatation. Besides I start art mochi class too from 2 years ago. Both of these design food are Japanese traditional local cooking. I had lived in Houston Texas, USA for 3 years, then back to Japan I opened design sushi roll class because wanted to give my county experience to appreciate foreigners had given to me their countory experience before. Let's enjoy Japanese kawaii and delicious sushi roll and mochi together! 粋 STYLISH : Edo-style minimalism room, KonMari'd and cozy, and kimono host. 遊 SURPRISE : interesting Japanese traditional tools, books, toys as my collection. 匠 SPECIALIST : 8 years, 3,000 guests, 50 media appearances, certificate class too."

Mami's cooking classes