●Atsuage no annkake(Thick fried tofu with thick sauce): thick fried tofu, seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, starch
●Shiraae(Sarad dressed with tofu): tofu, koya-tofu, Higiki seaweed, carots, shiitake mushroom, spinach
●Bran Pickles: seasonal vegetable
●Miso soup: aonori (green seaweed), green onion, Aburaage(fried tofu)
●Green tea

I used 4 different kinds of tofu in this menu,
Tofu: white and smooth
Atsuage: Thick fried tofu
Abburaage: Thin fried tofu
Koya dofu: freeze dried tofu
All of them are not so special menu, but are loved and famous Japanese home cooking.



About Host


My name is Mizuki. I have tow naughty boys (5yo and 2yo). My hobby is baby wearing, collect stamps and making preserved food.
I like to cook Japanese traditional food. Now I started to make bran pickles called Nukaduke.
Hamamatsu city has great selection of vegetable, so it's interesting to go farmers markets. And aonori (green seaweed) is also famous that is got in Hamana-lake.
My home is an simple apartment but stand in front of rice fields. it's my favorite point. Please feel free to ask, I'm looking forward to meet you:-)
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The closest station
Saginomiya station

How to get to the station?
・From Hamamatsu Station:15 mins

Exact location provided after booking.