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One Coin International Cooking Party

Asakusa Tokyo


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3 hours

Max 35 guests

Market Visiting

Cooking Class Menu

-Random Dish every Friday night
(Prepared by our guests at the hostel)



-Hot Pot (Sukiyaki etc)



  • Gyoza


    Gyoza is a dumpling using wrapping thing dough to hold the inner ingredients. Most commonly, minced pork, cabbage, Garlic and Leek. The origin of Gyoza is from China but it has evolved uniquely in Japan and now quite different from the Chinese one.

  • Takoyaki


    Takoyaki is very cute, small battered balls containing octopus. When you visit Osaka, you can see Takoyaki shops and people wandering the streets while eating it.

  • Okonomiyaki


    Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake, made with flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, meat and toppings as you like. This variability is reflected in the dish's name: "okonomi" literally means "to one's liking". You can eat it everywhere in Japan, but especially Okonomiyaki made Hiroshima style and Osaka style are the most famous.

  • Onigiri


    Onigiri is a Japanese comfort food made from steamed rice formed into the typical triangular, ball, or cylinder shapes and usually wrapped with nori(dried seaweed). Stuffed with a a variety of fillings and flavors, these rice balls make an ideal quick snack and are a fun alternative to sandwitches for lunch.

  • Sukiyaki


    Sukiyaki is completely different; the food is cooked in a sweet and salty soy sauce based broth and full of bold flavors straight from the pot. Besides the broth, the pot used to cook sukiyaki is also quite different from shabu shabu. Traditionally it is cooked in a cast iron pot while Shabu Shabu is cooked in a Japanese clay pot called donabe (土鍋), and the thinly sliced beef (but slightly thicker than shabu shabu meat) are seared first in the pot before adding the ingredients and broth. Despite having different flavor and cooking utensils, most Sukiyaki ingredients are similar to Shabu Shabu, such as leafy vegetables, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, and so on.

Cooking Class Information

International Cooking Party @ Sakura Kitchen (Sakura Hostel Asakusa)

The most important social media is not Facebook or Instagram but FOOD ! Lets enjoy the meal with good people !

We will decide who will be our honored chef of the day, then will collect 500 Yen from each participant and go buy grocery altogether.

※If you want to be our Chef of the night (Only 1 chef per event.), you can join the event for free, but make sure to cook for every single participant, Please contact us if you are interested.

Feel free to join us !

Who's this event for ?
・Anybody that loves to cook or share food !
・Students / Business man, in fact anyone !
・Chefs, of food lovers.
・Any friend making, international atmosphere loving individuals.

If you are alone ? it does not matter, come make friends !

Why join our event ?
・Great Opportunity to expand your social network of friends around town.
・Great chance to enjoy other countries food.
・Great chance to show off your cooking skills.

About Host



This is Peter, the manager of Sakura Hostel Asakusa.
We host guests coming from more than 200 different countries every year, with this advantage we have, our Shared Kitchen : Sakura Kitchen is where we get inspired by all the international cuisines we get to see everyday.


The closest station

Asakusa Station

How to get to the station?

From Ueno Station: 5mins

Exact location provided after booking.

FAQ about One Coin International Cooking Party | Cooking class by Peter

  • How much does it cost to join One Coin International Cooking Party?

    It costs 5000 per person.

  • How long is this cooking class by Peter?

    Duration of this cooking class is 3 hours.

  • Is One Coin International Cooking Party available for vegetarians?

    Yes, One Coin International Cooking Party has a vegetarian option.

  • Is One Coin International Cooking Party available for vegans?

    Yes, One Coin International Cooking Party has a vegan option.

  • What is the maximum capacity of Peter's cooking class?

    Up to 35 people can join Peter's cooking class.

Additional cooking class information

  • Confirmation

    You will receive the confirmation within 24 hours.

  • Payment

    We accepts these cards on airKitchen.

  • Cancellation

    Cancellations up to 48 hours prior to the class begins will be fully refunded by the airKitchen cancellation policy.

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