AYAKO | Cooking Class Host in Kanagawa

"Hello!!My name is Ayako.Im 28 years old.I have 4years old daughter and 2years old son. I used to be a very active couch surfer back in university.I hosted met with couchsurfer experience.Through couch surfing,I have traveled to China,India,Hongkong,Taiwan,Macao,Malaysia,and Thailand.The most memorable trip that I experience.I have a children and I make them delicious a heating meal everyday.I am think to share this with foreign tourist to make their trip more meaningful a memorable.I want to share japanese home cooking with foreign tourist.  Every session is 3 hours  Monday to Friday ~ Available from 11am to 2pm  My youngest son (2 yrs) will be at home.  Saturday and Sunday ~ Available from 11am to 5pm.  My husband, daughter (4 yrs), son (2 yrs) might be at home.  This course is suitable for anyone who are interested to experience Japanese home Cooking.  This course is also child friendly.My home is many toy.And kids room near dining room. ★Instagram account momsjapanesehomecooking "

AYAKO's cooking classes