Miwa | Cooking Class Host in Aichi

"My name is miwa, and I'm teaching confectionery and bread in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture. I like traveling abroad and I have been to various countries.I want to improve my English, but as soon as I go back on a trip, I forget it, so I want to enjoy the exchange with a lot of people so I register. "Since I live on country side, it is far from the tourist resort, but I would be happy if visitors from Hida Takayama or Nagoya Castle could come." Basically, anything you want is fine except confectionery and bread.My aunt, who teaches English nearby, also comes to help.That's why you don't have to speak Japanese at all. I also pick you up and drop you off to the nearest station.If it's a bullet train, I'll pick you up at Gifu Habashima station. Thank you!"

Miwa's cooking classes