Megumi | Cooking Class Host in Chiba

"Hello,I'm Megumi. I'm a licenced instructor of ☆ DECO roll sushi ☆ nerikiri, Japanese traditional confectionery ☆ an-cake(bean paste cake) 10 years ago, I lived in Finland for totally 5 years with my family. There I served Japanese food to my friends and guests, introduced Japanese culture. Back to Japan, I like to be in touch with different cultures, and I truly like to spread Japanese food style. As an experienced instructor, I will teach you how to make wonderful and good taste Japanese dishes! Let's have nice dishes together at my dining room. I live in a (detached) house, so you can enjoy my lesson at cozy, homelike atmosophere. Pickup place is a big JR station, and you can also use Tokyo METRO Chiyoda line. Come to my house by car or by bus it depends. Also I can provide you a certifiation of DECO sushi roll and an-cake after having a course if interested. I am looking forward to seeing you!!"

Megumi's cooking classes