Top 5 vegetarian & Vegan Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

Top 5 vegetarian & Vegan Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese dishes in not just Japan, but the entire world.
Made using rice, vegetables and fish, the humble sushi is today a dish that is widely recognized in almost every single country. What many don’t know about the sushi is that it is doesn’t always have to be made out of meat, as often presumed. On the contrary, there are many vegetarian sushi options available as well.

For those who happen to be checking out Tokyo and are sushi fans, there are plenty of amazing vegetarian and vegan sushi restaurants in and around the city area. Given in the list below are five of the best vegetarian and vegan sushi restaurants in the Tokyo area.

Sushi Gonpachi Shibuya




✨English Below✨ 本日、8月31日(金)は『野菜の日』 8(や)3(さ)1(い)の語呂合わせから、栄養たっぷりな野菜を再認識してほしいという思いが込められているそう。 そんな今日は、野菜たっぷりなメニューをご紹介♪ . Sushi Gonpachi’s vegetable sushi is a unique take on a Japanese classic. Perfect for vegetarians, vegans, or people who just want to get some more fresh green goodness in their diets. Available at Sushi Gonpachi’s Shibuya, Ginza, and Nishi-Azabu locations . #sushi #sushigonpachi #tokyo #japan #veggies #freshveggies #vegetarian #vegan #vegansushi #healthy #権八 #お寿司 #ヘルシー #渋谷 #渋谷権八 #西麻布権八 #銀座 #西麻布 #shibuya #nishiazabu #ginza #野菜 #野菜の日

Gonpachiさん(@gonpachi_gd)がシェアした投稿 –

This s one of the more well known restaurants located near Tokyo Towers.
The restaurant itself is located in a tall tower, which makes for an excellent view, while you’re on your dining experience.
The place is an excellent choice if you are on the hunt for some amazing vegetarian or vegan sushis. Other favorites on the menu include rice bowls, soba noodles, and so on.
Address: Japan, 150-0044 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Maruyamacho, 3−6 E 14F
Contact: +81 50-5443-0491
Timings: Everyday : 5:00pm-2:00am
Holidays: Nil

Sushi Sansui




お昼ごはん。日進までウォーキング。 いろいろなメディアで取り上げられてるらしい #野菜すし #寿司 #昼ビール

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The Sushi Sansui is a popular sushi restaurant located in Saitama.
Its food is well known for its range of vegan and meat options, its sushis are some of the most delicious and mouth watering that you’ll ever come across. Vegetarians would particularly find the place to be an ideal choice, given the range of choices available. Prepared by traditional chefs, this is one place that you’ll enjoy checking out.
Address: Kita-ku, Nisshinchō, 2 Chome−788, Saitama, Japan, 331-0823
Contact: +81-486631833
Timings: Mon – Sun: 11am – 9:30pm
Holidays: Thursday

Itamae Sushi

Itamae Sushi is an interesting sushi restaurant chain located across in the bustling heartland of Tokyo.
Specializing in a range of vegetarian and vegan sushi, the place has carved itself a name in the sushi niche as an expert in this Japanese delicacy.
The menu features a range of exciting sushis, out of which, the more popular are those of natto, spring onions, dried gourd and cucumbers.
In addition to this, the restaurant offers a range of amazing fruit juices as well.

Veggie Sushi Cooking

vegetarian sushi class

There is something very interesting about sushi, in the sense that nothing says Japanese like a plate of authentic and traditional sushi.
For a very long time, the main sushi preparation was made using fish and rice. Today, there are options available for both vegetarians and those into meats.
If you would like to dig into some amazing vegetarian sushi preparations, this would be the place to be. Also included is the final preparation of your sushi plate, the way it’s done traditionally. In all, you will be learning to and then digging into some delicious Oshi and Gunkan sushi, as well and then finish off with a group meal.
Costing ¥4900, this is an excellent destination to have your sushi taste buds excited.
Check the cooking class 

Vegan Sushi Class in a Kimono

vegan sushi class

This is yet another amazing cooking class that you can check out while in Kanagawa.
Specializing in the preparation of the Temari Sushi and Maki Sushi, the class takes you through a course of how to make it all from the beginning to the end.
Based on vegetarian sprinciples, you will be using ingredients such as tofu, kelp, miso, pickled plums, dried shiitake mushrooms, etc.
Finally, you will be digging into your preparations in a group meal with your fellow session mates.
Also to add here is that you’ll be dressing up in a Kimono, the traditional Japanese clothing, while you’re engrossed with making your sushi.
The class costs ¥5000 and is an excellent pick for vegan sushi fans.

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As a whole, these are some of the best restaurants to check out, if you are interested in checking out vegetarian or vegan sushis in the Tokyo area.
So don’t wait up when you arrive in Tokyo. Head out to these places and be delighted at the many mouthwatering dishes that abound on their menus.

Check vegetarian cooking classes in Tokyo

Check vegan cooking classes in Tokyo