What To Eat In Nagoya

What To Eat In Nagoya

Nagoya is the capital of Aichi prefecture under Japan’s administration. The area is popular among the tourists and is a shipping and manufacturing hub of the country. It is also a home of different museums and gambling parlours. Nagoya is also famous for culture, heritage and castles from Edo-era. If you want to visit Nagoya, along with enjoying the lifestyle, you’d undoubtedly think about what to eat in Nagoya. For saving your precious time, here is a little insight about what you can eat in the city. 

1- Miso Katso

Miso katsu is the number one choice of Nagoya food when it comes to enjoying traditional food. You can find Tonkatsu dish here at Miso Katso which is available all over Japan. But the recipe of this restaurant makes it very special. The shop uses thick Miso sauce instead of regular sauce. This thick sauce adds a unique taste to the Tonkatsu dish. The restaurant is around for more than 70 years, and due to their taste, quality and serving style, it is now the most obvious choice of Nagoya for traditional food. 

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2- Ebi Furai

Shrimp fitters or Ebi furai are always in every Japanese lunch box. This food is very tasty and delicious. The best part about Ebi Furai is that you can eat it with any main meal such as Oyakodon, Misonikomi, and spaghetti. There are different restaurants in Nagoya where you can enjoy Ebi furai, but my recommendation is Yabocho restaurant. 

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Noche de antojos …!!!! #ebifurai #edosushibar #yumi 🥢🍤🍤

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The local people of Nagoya love to enjoy miso. If you are a noodles fan, then this one is for you! You can find Misonikomi in Nagoya, which is a combination of miso broth in noodles. The local restaurants use red salty miso paste. This paste is made from beans. Not only the taste of Misonikomi is unique, but the serving style is also attractive. All of the restaurants will serve Misonikomi in an earthen pot. Different restaurants in Nagoya have Misonikomi in their menu; however; you can’t afford to taste the food of every restaurant. Customer review suggests Yamamotoya ookute for enjoying Misonikomi. This restaurant is maintaining their unique taste and style since 1925 and is using chicken mushroom and eggs as toppings for Misonikomi.  

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山本屋本店の牡蠣味噌煮込みうどん! 牡蠣うんめぇ! #misonikomi #わんぱくスタイルハードコア #腹パンナコッタはいこう #名古屋飯

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There are few food which are suitable for our health and eel is one of them. While talking about Nagoya, we need to know that Nagoya is the top producers of eel in Japan. When you are in the city, you need to enjoy eel. One way of enjoying this junk food is Hitsumabushi. It is a combination of grilled eel with rice. 

The method of making eel in this city is different than in other cities. Eel is slit open from the centre, and then the cook will grill it like a fish. We should note that Hitsumabushi has four divisions. You need to put the first portion into your bowl and then enjoy it. Now for the second part, you will need to add your favourite condiments. In the third part, with the addition of your favourite condiments, you need to pour broth and green tea all over the condiment. Now you can enjoy the fourth part by following any of the methods in the first three sections. 

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Nagoya is very famous for gambling parlours, architecture, museums, and castles. But it is also the home for very unique and tasty food. While visiting a new city, you need to enjoy the traditional food to add an item in your favourites. Till this moment, I am sure you’d have an idea about the restaurants and food of the city. It is worth your time and money!