History of Tempura

History of Tempura

Tempura is one of the most popular and famous delicacies in the Asian country of Japan to years and based on this fact, major restaurants, eateries, food stalls offer it to different individuals which may be Japanese native or visitors or tourists. The food is one of the Japanese meal that every visitor or tourist must taste and enjoy as a way to really have a memorable stay in Japan. Tempura is nice and very tasty and with the doping sauce addition, everyone is sure of a delicacy with a different class. Tempura is a Japanese meal but it is a food whose idea came from the Portuguese as far back as the 16th century when missionaries and merchants from Portugal lived in the southern part of Japan at the time.


Tempura and its acceptance in Tokyo

There lies a city in the southern part of Japan called Nagasaki and this was the city where the Portuguese missionaries and merchants stayed in the 16th century. The Japanese people in Nagasaki say a marked difference in the way the Portuguese deep-fry meals as against the simple frying that is mostly done in Japan. The deep-frying method and of course the Tempura meal that involves that kind of frying and preparation was soon passed on to the Japanese dwelling in Nagasaki. In the 17th century, the people in the Tokyo Bay formerly called Edo got to know about Tempura and how it involves the use of diverse sea foods a vegetables. Tokyo Bay is a place with so much sea foods and to identify how well they could enjoy another meal using sea foods was nice. They soon started preparing Tempura with the aquatic creatures and vegetables and from then, Tempura became very famous and popular.

At soon as the fame of the Tempura meal soared, cooking oil became expensive and to deep-fry as a necessary procedure in the preparation of Tempura became difficult. Soon, cooking oil price crashed due to the use of different extraction methods and techniques from technological advancement  over the years. At this time, the popularity of Tempura meal soared even more and the need for addition of some items to make the meal taste better. Japanese natives enjoying Tempura soon started the addition of a dipping soup which is still done even till this present time.



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Modern Tempura

With the history of Tempura well explained and discussed above, there is a vital occurrence that contributed the history of the meal in Japan. Tempura, during the 16th and 17th century, Tempura is an outdoor and outside food which is eaten by those that love and desire eating out. However, lbw the course of time, the Tempura meal became well prepared that it is a cuisine in major eateries and restaurants across Japan. Now, every kind of people visiting Japan either as a business executive, corporate Head of Agencies or as expatriates including Tourists are too about the satisfying, sumptuous and classy Tempura food.