5 Best Things To Do For a Rainy Day in Okayama

5 Best Things To Do For a Rainy Day in Okayama

Okayama is a lesser-known tourist destination featuring spectacular white peaches. No matter how promising and adventurous your travel plan looks, it can be disrupted by unpleasant weather conditions during the rainy season in Okayama. But there’s no need to let the rain ruin your day.  Check out some of the things to do on a rainy day in Okayama

Join a Cooking Class

Booking a cooking class is one of the top activities to do in Okayama Japan. Even if you do not aspire to be a chef but have a thing for culinary arts, then don’t miss a chance to book a cooking class. These classes focus on teaching you the basics and how to prepare the very best in Japanese food. Cooking classes in Okayama are exciting with the different cooking styles and menu options available. You’ll never regret booking any of these classes. Don’t leave Okayama without learning something new and show off to your friends back home.

Okayama Castle

Okayama Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Located on the Asashi riverbank, the Castle is within proximity to the Korakuen Garden. The first thing you’ll notice on getting there is its impressive exterior, featuring dark black walls and beautifully decorated roof. The stunning beauty of the grounds will leave you breathless. Do not miss a chance to explore the exhibitions in the museum found here. 






Kibitsu Shrine

While this spot is often disregarded by tourists in Okayama, Kibitsu Shrine is definitely worth a visit. This is one of the spots to find unique architectural designs and treasures. Take a leisure stroll through the well maintained grounds featuring perfectly manicured gardens. Explore the monuments and woodworking pieces found here. 






Handayama Botanical Garden

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend some quality time with loved ones, look no further than Handayama Botanical Garden. Featuring a pleasant atmosphere, the garden features lots of lovely trees and greens. Visit during spring or early summer, so you don’t miss the colorful cherries bloom – the garden is by far the best spots for viewing cherries bloom.  Its location on a hill offers visitors the best view of the city. People of all ages will enjoy a nice time here.





Ujo Park

Your trip to some of the best spots in Okayama will be considered incomplete without strolling around Ujo Park. In April, Ujo Park sees a lot of visitors who come to experience Sakura.  The park’s beauty becomes highly enhanced with the cherry blossoms. The park is ideal for solo travelers, couples, families and even budget travelers. 




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No matter the weather conditions, Okayama has got you covered. All you need do is to pack right for the rainy season. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a romantic outing with your partner or just want to spend quality time with family, Okayama has plenty of interesting spots for you to visit.