Food Guide – What to eat in Okinawa

Food Guide – What to eat in Okinawa

Okinawa is the main tourist attraction in Japan and is famous for its delicious food. There is a miss-conception among the tourists that only Sushi is delightful food in Okinawa. Once you visit the city, you will find multiple traditional dishes which have a unique taste and flavor. If you are opting to visit the city, you should read this Food Guide Okinawa to have an idea about the best food in the city. 

Goya Champuru

This dish is the most famous among the local peoples of Okinawa. It is a go-to dish for Okinawa citizen, and they enjoy it the most with rice. Champuru is a combination of Japanese bitter melon known as goya. Goya has a combo with egg, tofu, spam and some vegetables. 

The goya Champuru has a delicious taste, which seems very surprising due to the unique combination of goya and spam. 




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It is a traditional Japanese dish very famous among tourists. The recipe is a combination of pork belly with awamori. Awamori is a Japanese rice liquor. The meat is very soft and melts in your mouth in a single bite. The meat has thin slices. This combination and cooking style makes the rafute an ideal snack along with beer. You do have an option to enjoy the meal as a snack or an appetiser. If you like it, you can enjoy Rafute as a whole meal as well. 






By the shape of the dish, it appears as a traditional Japanese. It is a unique and very different Japanese dish. Soba is the only noodle which is made by using 100 % pure wheat flour. This use of wheat flour makes the Soba thicker and chewier than other traditional food. Soba is best when it is served in smoked bonito broth bowl. The smoked bonito broth bowl makes the dish lighter with its clean after taste, which adds an extra to Soba. Soba is one of the most favorite dishes in the city and is at the top of every Food Guide Okinawa. You can enjoy Soba with pickled ginger and seaweed. It has the best taste if you enjoy it with three-layered pork or with spareribs. 





Fresh Fish

There are a few dishes in every city which are most popular among all tourists. Being a city close to the ocean, seafood is a top attraction for the tourists visiting Okinawa. You will find seafood in every Food Guide Okinawa on the internet. 

It is a miss-conception in the mind of many tourists that Okinawa is famous for Sushi. However; if we study carefully, we’ll find out that the city has multiple food items to offer which are unique, traditional and tasty. 

When you visit the city, you will need to try beef, pork and most importantly, fish. You will find most of the fish and sashimi in Makishi Public Market, Okinawa. The place is trendy among tourists, but still, it is worth your time due to the unique flavor.





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Learn Cooking

Unlike any other guide on the internet, we hereby through theFood Guide Okinawa, want to guide you in an out of the way style. When you visit Okinawa, you should learn to cook their traditional dishes. By this way, you can enjoy Japanese food right at your home dinner table. Multiple institutes are arranging cooking classes in the city, and you can compare them all by visiting this link below.