Top things to do and events in Japan in February

Top things to do and events in Japan in February

February in Japan is dark and cold but it is not short of things to do. As a matter of fact it is one of the best time to visit Japan. In February, there are a couple of events including the Sapporo snow festival and it is also a perfect time to enjoy the cherry blossoms early. Without wasting much of your time let’s dive in the top things to do in Japan in February and the events in the month.

Sapporo snow festival

Of course the Sapporo snow festival had to be number one thing to do in Japan in the second month of the year. The Sapporo snow festival attract over 2 million visitors every year and you might want to be among them next February. The festival features impressive art from snow and there are normally hundreds of sculptures made from ice and snow and they are pretty attractive and creative. 






You should not visit Japan and fail to experience onsen at least one time. And when it comes to experiencing onsen, February is definitely a month to consider visiting Japan. February is winter and winter is the best time for onsen. Onsen involve soaking your body in a hot bath and relaxing to do away with stress. The ideal way to enjoy your time is staying in one of the authentic Ryokan inn and get to enjoy the excellent Japanese cuisine after the onsen bath. And the good thing about onsen is that you can get places to go in almost every town. Even if you are visiting just the capital, there are plenty of places to go for the same. 

hot spring


The winter illuminations

The winter illuminations are definitely among the top attractions in Japan in the month of February. During the month of February there many long run events and this is something you don’t want to miss. They are spectacular and very unique. 



Ski and snowboarding is another thing you are going to enjoy if you visit the country this February. The activities are very popular with the Japanese during the winter and the ski resorts in Japan are definitely among the best in the world. The powder snow in the resorts is of the highest quality and they actually attract lots of visitors from all over the world. January and February are the coldest months in Japan and they are a perfect time for the skiers. The snow conditions during these months are normally at their best.


Yokote Kamakura festival

The Sapporo snow festival is definitely the most popular festival in Japan in February but besides that there are other snow festivals held across the country. Yokote Kamakura is one of them and this festival is one of the most traditional festivals that are held in Japan. The yokote Kamakura is held in yokote city and countless Snow domes are lightened up at night creating such a phenomenal winter scenery. You don’t want to miss this view if you are near yokote city.

February is definitely a month you should consider visiting Japan and get to enjoy different activities as you get to know more about the Japanese culture.




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