Best things to do and best places to visit in Japan in June

Best things to do and best places to visit in Japan in June

June marks the beginning of the summer which begins late June. June is also a rainy season in the country which normally starts mid-June and ends early July. Either way, the temperature is moderate in June but the humidity is pretty high and not forgetting a few days of rain. 

Because of that, most people avoid visiting Japan in June but the truth is it might be the best time to visit the country. The crowds are lesser and if you don’t like crowds then June will be the perfect time to visit the country. In addition to the fact that there are lesser crowds, June also have lots of events that you can participate in. Check out some of the top things to do in Japan in June.


Hydrangea is a symbol of rainy season in the country and there is a couple of events that happen across the country. The beautiful hydrangea colors the events and there are several hydrangea festivals that are held in Tokyo. One of the most famous hydrangea festival is the bunkyo hydrangea festival that takes place in bunkyo ward near Ueno area. 

Another city that is famous with the hydrangea flowers is Kamakura, the flowers makes the historical buildings in the city look even cuter. Be sure to visit Japan next June and enjoy the hydrangea events, it only happen in Japan and mostly in June so don’t miss out.




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Sanno Matsuri

Sanno Matsuri is often considered as one of the greatest Tokyo festival alongside Fukagwa festival and Kanda festival. Sanno Matsuri is held at Hie shrine in June in years that have even numbers like for example 2018, 2020, 2022 etc. The event continues for eleven good days and on the D day the festival features a large procession with numbers of portable shrines. The carriers wears traditional costumes and they are paraded through the central area of Tokyo. Don’t miss out the next event which is estimated to be from 7th June to 17th June 2020.




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Matcha dessert buffets

When it comes to enjoying Matcha dessert, June is the best time to visit Japan. The peak of the products is normally from late spring to early summer which is June. There are plenty of venues that holds Matcha dessert buffets and each buffet comes with variety and uniqueness. You don’t want to miss out trying out the best Matcha dessert buffets in Japan. And to get the best you need to visit Japan in June. 





Indoor activities

The rainy season should not make you not have a good time. There are hundreds of indoor activities that you can participate in Japan. Visit the museums, aquariums as well as other amusement parks in the country. Visit the karaoke and the pachinko for a unique Japan experience. 



Don’t be discouraged to visit Japan in June because of the rainy season because there are plenty of activities and events that you can participate in and have ultimate fun!