Top events in Japan in August

Top events in Japan in August

The summer in Japan starts in July and it last till late August so you can be sure that August has lots of things to offer and plenty of events. It is a very exciting month with a very welcoming weather and lots of festivals. The following are some of the top events and festivals that makes August one of the best time to visit Japan. Check them out.

The fireworks

There are a lot of fireworks festivals throughout the month and the good thing is that they are held across the country so no matter your location you can be sure to enjoy the spectacular view. Along the spectacular view of the fireworks, the stalls usually offer lots of traditional foods that you are definitely going to fall in love with. Be sure to try out foods such as Yakitori and Yakisoba among other super delicious foods. 





The summer festivals

The summer festivals are available in July and August. The Nebuta festival is the most energetic and most dynamic event that is held in Aomori prefecture. The nebuta festival last for six good days from 2nd to 7th August. You can tell that the nebuta festival is one of the greatest festival in Japan from the number of people it attracts. This August, the festival attracted over 3 million visitors. 

Another summer festival that you don’t want to miss out is the Awa odori festival which is the biggest traditional dance festival held in Japan. The Awa dance is performed by a group of dancers who walk through the city. It is also a very big festival in Japan as it attracts more than a million visitors each and every August. 




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Try out Yukata

The best way to participate in the traditional festivals held in August is be like the Japanese. Try to fit in their culture by wearing the Yukata. Yukata is a traditional dress that is worn during the summers. The Yukata is like some kind of kimono if you are familiar with that. You don’t have to buy the Yukata, it is very easy to find shops which rent out the costume at a very affordable price in big cities like Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. You can wear the costume for a day or two and then return it.




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The beer gardens

Most of the beer gardens opens during the summers and if you are the kind of person who enjoys beer then August is the best time to visit Japan. The beer gardens normally have a roof on it and they serve chilled beer and super delicious foods. The beer gardens are particularly very popular with the younger generation as they are stylish and very fashionable. 





Japan can be visited practically on any time of the year but if you are looking for the best time to visit, then the summer is the answer. August has lots of things to offer and plenty of events to participate in.