The 4 Best Tea Ceremony Experiences in Shinagawa

The 4 Best Tea Ceremony Experiences in Shinagawa

Shinagawa is located south of Tokyo right on Tokyo Bay and is a hub for boardwalks, restaurants, shopping, and cultural sites. It is a special ward of Tokyo and is called Shinagawa City. Much of the land is reclaimed land from the ocean however there exists a great dichotomy between the aging castles and large number of samurai graves and the growth of the tech industry and international embassies. During the Edo period Shinagawa functioned as a post city, a starting off or ending point for travelers journeying through the country.


This traditional Japanese experience is situated just north of Shinagawa and allows you to not only watch but also wear traditional kimonos and brew your own tea. The establishment offers a wide variety of packages that go beyond the basic tea ceremony to performing art shows, rickshaw rides, sightseeing, and photo shoots with traditional objects and clothing.


Access: 5 Minute Walk from the Asakusa Station

Hours: 9:00 – 19:00

Closed: Reservation Required


Price: ¥2,000 – 3,000 yen per person depending on the experience

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🇯🇵 The Nihon Immersion Experience . After downing a couple of matcha bubble teas and odangos 🍡 for my afternoon snack, I’ve decided to make the most of the rainy day by taking part in a tea ceremony and a samurai sword lesson. . It was informative and enriching, true to Ayaka-san’s teaching of 一期一会 (ichi-go, ichi-e) of one time, one experience and Suzuki-san’s introduction to the martial art known as Iaido (いあいどう). I loved the structure and order of both activities. Thanks to Mie-san of Asakusa Jidaiya for making this happen quickly. . I will be the next Battōsai. 😁 . #Tokyo #Japan #AsakusaJidaiya #Asakusa #Jidaiya #TeaCeremony #Iaido #Samurai #TurningJapanese #IThinkImTurningJapanese 🎶 🎵

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2. Shizu-Kokoro – Chado School

This workshop is more than just a ceremony. This 90-minute workshop is designed to introduce the basic aspects of chado (the way of tea) as well as to provide an experience of it in an authentic tearoom. The school provides a short movie to introduce chado so that participants can comprehend the cultural importance and history in a short time. In the hands-on experience, not only do participants learn how to prepare a bowl of matcha tea but also they experience the roles of host and guest as well.


Access: 9 Minute Walk From the Asakusa Station

Hours: 10:00 – 17:30

Closed: Sunday and Monday


Price: ¥4,180 per person

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Congratulations for completing the tea ceremony workshop! #teaceremony #japanesesweets #matchatea #matcha #teaceremonyexperience #tearoom #family #thingstodoinjapan #tripjapan #japanesetradition #japaneseculture #retreat #workshop

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3. Happo-en

Located just south of Shibuya off the Meguro Station sits this stunning Muan teahouse in the middle of a traditional Japanese garden. This is one of the only gardens in the area that hosts tea ceremonies. Everything down to the last detail is in completely original form and traditional etiquette for the ceremony. One of the major benefits of Happo-en is that after the ceremony you are able to wonder the gardens and enjoy the beautiful flowers and bonsai trees.


Access: 15 minute walk from the Meguro Station

Hours: 11:00 – 16:00

Closed: Reservations Are Required


Price: ¥1,100 – 8,800 per person depending on the package

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【日本文化を発信】 雨上がりの新宿御苑。 組み立て式お茶室 無常庵では お茶会実施中。 海外のお客様や 小さなお子様も 体験下さっています。 #八芳園 #日本文化 #抹茶 #お茶会 #組み立て式お茶室 #無常庵 #新宿御苑 #グリーンチャレンジデー #お茶室 #お点前 #happoen #japaneseculture #teaceremony #teahouse

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4. Tea ceremony by Maikoya – Tokyo

Rated the number 1 tea ceremony experience in Japan by TripAdvisor this ceremonial experience is the best cultural experience you can get for the price. Conveniently situated and expertly crafted this tea ceremony only uses the highest of grade ingredients and the finest of kimonos for the situation. You will be assured a full cultural learning experience as well as everything is explained as it is happening.


Access: 15 Minute Walk from Lawson Seibu Shinjuku Station North shop

Hours: 9:00 – 19:00

Closed: Reservations Required


Price: ¥2,400 – 5,200 per person depending on if you want a kimono

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You have an option to do the tea ceremony by sitting on a chair. Please let me know in advance!⠀ #maikoyatokyo #maikoya #matcha #tokyo #teaceremony #tearoom #shinjuku #exploretour #japaneseteaceremony #kimono #experience #traditional #culture #新宿 #東京之旅 #日本茶道體驗 #東京 #日本料理 #着物 #maikoya #japan #traval #sadou #explore #activity #discovery #japanexperience #experiencejapan #japantravel #tokyotravel⠀

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Shinagawa is a lively city on the water with a mix of modern and ancient. It is a city that shouldn’t be missed. But if you have time to visit don’t neglect the chance to take part in a tea ceremony. Tea ceremonies take you through a cultural tradition that has roots in 100s of years of history. It is a moment to connect with the people, the culture, and yourself.

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