5 Tips to Boost Reservations for Your Cooking Class on airKitchen

5 Tips to Boost Reservations for Your Cooking Class on airKitchen

Hello, I’m customer support from airKitchen.   Thank you for using airKitchen!

You might be wondering, “When registering a listing on airKitchen, how can I get more reservations?”

Based on popular listings so far, I’ll share 5 tips to increase reservations from guests.

1. Enhance your photos

When it comes to choosing a cooking class, listing photos play a crucial role in capturing guests’ attention.

Make sure your photos are high-quality, well-lit, and showcase the delicious dishes or the inviting atmosphere of your cooking class. 

If you need guidance on taking excellent food photos, refer to this article for helpful tips!

2. Choose menus popular with foreigners

For travelers, the menu is a deciding factor in choosing an experience. Selecting a menu popular with foreigners will undoubtedly increase the number of reservations.


Popular menus in France would be dishes like baguettes, croissants, quiche, and ratatouille. Homemade meals such as boeuf bourguignon, tartiflette, and coq au vin are also popular.  French desserts like macarons”, crème brûlée, and tarte tatin are well-received as well!


Popular Spanish menus include paella, tapas, tortilla española, gazpacho, and churros con chocolate.


Popular Italian menus include pasta (e.g., spaghetti carbonara, lasagna), pizza, risotto, tiramisu, and gelato-making classes.

3. Write an attractive description

You can register two types of descriptions: “Menu Description” and “Self-introduction.”

In the menu description, include details about the dishes, the flow of the day, and unique selling points to convey the experience’s charm.

In the self-introduction, write about your interests, hobbies, reasons for becoming a host, and details about the location.

You may want to refer to popular listings for inspiration when crafting your description.


4.  Set the right price

While a lower price is not always better, people tend to choose the more affordable option for the same content.

For airKitchen cooking classes in France, Spain, and Italy, an average price of €50-€80 seems to be common. Tour included,€100-€150.

You can start with a low price, and once reservations start coming in, you can consider raising the price. If you are not comfortable with English, please let airKitchen know.

5. Increase reviews from guests

Don’t you also check reviews when choosing a restaurant?

For guests, experiences with many good reviews provide reassurance and encourage participation. 

However, if guests don’t come, they can’t write reviews.

In that case, post your completed listing on your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote it!

Having friends use your class and write reviews can also be helpful.