Osechi cooking class: A Culinary Celebration of New Year’s Traditions in Japan

Osechi cooking class: A Culinary Celebration of New Year’s Traditions in Japan

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve in Japan, the air is filled with excitement and anticipation for the year ahead. While many around the world celebrate with parties and fireworks, the Japanese usher in the new year with a unique and time-honored tradition known as Osechi Ryori. This elaborate feast, comprising a variety of meticulously prepared dishes, holds deep cultural significance and is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.


The Significance of Osechi Ryori:

Osechi Ryori, a special assortment of traditional Japanese New Year’s foods, is more than just a meal – it’s a reflection of centuries-old customs and beliefs. Each component of the Osechi Ryori has a symbolic meaning, and the entire spread is carefully crafted to bring good fortune, longevity, happiness, and prosperity to those who partake in it.


Key Components of Osechi Ryori:

  1. Kuromame (Black Soybeans): Representing health and hard work, kuromame is sweetened and cooked until the beans take on a shiny black appearance.
  2. Kazunoko (Herring Roe): Symbolizing fertility and a plentiful harvest, kazunoko is marinated in soy sauce to create a delightful umami flavor.
  3. Kohaku Namasu (Shredded Vegetables): Consisting of daikon radish and carrot strips, kohaku namasu is a colorful dish that signifies happiness and celebration.
  4. Tazukuri (Candied Sardines): Tazukuri, sweet and savory candied sardines, represent a bountiful harvest and prosperity in the coming year.
  5. Ozoni (New Year’s Soup): A clear soup with mochi (rice cakes) and various ingredients, ozoni is enjoyed on New Year’s Day for good health and happiness.
  6. Ebi (Prawns): Served with the heads and tails intact, ebi symbolizes longevity and happiness.

Cooking Classes for Osechi Ryori:

New year dishes.New Year’s Japanese sweets and Matcha(Tea ceremony)!(seasonal menu 15 December~20 January)(Accepted from 2 persons)


Place: Osaka (Near Momoyamadai Station)



Osechi Ryori is more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of history, culture, and the hopes for a prosperous future. Through cooking classes you can learn how to make Osechi and know about Japanese culture. After this class you are one step expert about Japan!

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