Seasonable Japanese Cuisine Cooking
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2.5 hours

Max 8 guests

Market Visiting

Cooking Class Menu

1.Making dashi (Japanese sea stock).
Try to use katsuobushi (bonito fish flakes) and kombu (dried kelp) and make dashi soup. The good smell of katsuobushi in soup can make you hungry with no doubt. Taste the dashi soup and enjoy the good tasting and flavor.
2.Cooking 5 to 6 dishes using seasonal ingredients.
Introduction of the popular recipes among foreigners such as Okra beef roll, Kyoto-style grilled salmon and rolled omelet.​ ​
Dashi based seasonal miso soup is popular as well.
3.Making onigiri (Rice ball) and plate them.
It is such difficult to making a triangle onigiri?!​ ​
Easy-understandable teaching in English.​ ​After making, plate and present your onigiri in your way

Ready within 20 minutes! Teaching the Japanese families daily Japanese-style recipes with seasonal ingredients in English. Recipes and ingredients fit seasons and seasonal events. The key of Japanese-style meal (main dish, side food, soup and dessert) as 'how to make dashi (culinary cornerstones)' will be operated in each class. Japanese-style dishes are going to be more delicious based on dashi.​ ​​ ​​ ​
Small class teaching with the atmosphere of feeling like home.​ ​
Build your Japanese community by Japanese-style meal.​ ​
Explanations on ingredients and seasonings through demonstrations. The Japanese cooking stuff and tools will be used as well. So, this is a seasonal cooking experience with the concept of home cooking.

About Host



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Noriko was inspired to share her culture and cuisine after an incredible experience she had cooking and eating with a local family living in rural New Zealand, where they use a boat regularly to get around. On her return to Japan, she began offering cooking lessons with the sole objective of sharing authentic Japanese food and culture with the world. She specializes not only in traditional cuisine like washoku gozen, seasonal and authentic Japanese dishes but also in showcasing modern trends that Japanese housewives’ use in their everyday cooking.

How It Works

Step1 Cook


Visit a Japanese local's home and learn to cook their specialty.

Step2 Enjoy your meal!


Eat the authentic homemade Japanese meal with your Japanese host. Take the opportunity to have a genuine conversation with a local Japanese Person.


The closest station

Yotsuya station

How to get to the station?

From Yotsuya station: 5mins

Exact location provided after booking.

Reviews of Cooking Class




Jan 2019

Finally I was able to participate in the classroom of my wish! The host gave me very easy to understand and carefully taught the point of cooking, and I was studying very much.




Feb 2019

Wonderful host and a very nice presentation! We had a lot of fun with this class! thank you so much.

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